Oct 27, 2010

Hey Jude….

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Think Pink! Day 3

This Jude filled candle from Unique Vintage.com is the perfect gift for any Glamour Girl. An original Christopher Pine design that stands 4 inches tall and burns for 50 hours with a portion of the proceeds donated for breast cancer research. Priced at a mere $22.00 you may just decide to start your Christmas shopping a little early this year…  

Jude Filled High Heel Candle $22.00

Availabel at Unique Vintage.com


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Oct 26, 2010

Faith,Hope and Love for Sale….

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Category: Fashion

Thinking Pink..Day 2!

Looking for a little somethin, somethin to spruce up your walls and at the same time donate to breast cancer?. Solution: Pink ribbon wall art! 

These gorgeous Italian-inspired stone plaques have a hand-painted pink watercolor fleur de lis and a breast cancer ribbon daintily incorporated. 

Who knew that you could buy Faith Hope and Love for a mere $35.95 (plus shipping and handling).


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Oct 25, 2010

Think Pink!

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Category: Fashion

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer can be a silent killer if not detected and treated in it’s earliest of stages. I urge all my wonderful readers to conduct monthly self examinations and  after the age of  40  have the proper mammograms.

A few months ago one of my dearest and most beautiful girlfriends was diagnosed with this disease. Luckily she caught it in the early stages and through surgery and chemo she has been blessed with a clean bill of health.

In support of the cure for this disease companies everywhere have products to offer at a reduced rate this month with proceeds supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. For the next week along with my daily entries I will be spotlighting sites with sale items that every Glamour Girl would love.

I urge you to support this cause for the cure!

Lace Chemise in Pink Coral Orig: $107.00 Sale: $69.00


Cargo LaLaLand Blush and Lipgloss Orig: $50.00 Sale$29.00


Jane Rosette Relaxation Pack Orig.$50.00 Sale. $29.00

All items on sale at www.billiondollarbabes.com

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