Jun 29, 2010

Fashionable Doodles to Frame!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Do you ever doodle? You know what I mean by doodling don’t you? It’s when you’re sitting or standing and mindlessly putting pen to paper   until something starts to take shape… Well I think I have uncovered the absolute QUEEN OF DOODLING!  Although I wouldn’t really classify the work of Brooke Hagel as doodling (that is the name of her shop on Etsy-“Fabulous Doodles”)…instead I would call her work Fabulous Fashion Illustrations that make you smile… I discovered Brooke on the Etsy site (a website that features homemade items) and was enthralled with her work. She has available for purchase: beautiful illustrations of fashionable women, whimsical notebook covers, bookmarks, gift tags and even customized wedding illustrations you can have done of your bridal gown for a mere $100.00 The prices on her items range from $6.50-$20.00-and I think you will find each of her pieces pretty enough to frame.  

Check out Brooke’s work at  http://www.etsy.com/shop/brooklit

“The Hostess”- Illustration -$20.00


“They’re Back” Fashion Illustration $20.00


Fun Girl Tags $6.50


Allie Notebook $12.00


Custom Wedding Illustrations $100.00
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