Mar 15, 2011

Buyer Beware!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

What’s a Glamour Girl to do when she is clicking from one site to the next and BAM!!! lands on a gorgeous,( and I do mean positively… right up my alley, have to have it- like yesterday) coat. Well, first she takes a good hard look as to where she has landed on the worldwide web. Then she notes the site aptly titled “Sense o Fashion” is filled with numerous lovely items for purchase BUT (and here is the red flag) after viewing the price in US dollars to read $139.00 (thinking… CLICK AND SHIP IT NOW-because it is oh so affordable) she notices the Ratings of the seller…NINE PERCENT POSITIVE).  I am not a math savant however, even I know that 9% is not something to put your money or your fashion hopes on. SO the whole point of this little post today is to remind you darling Glamour Girl: When you are shopping online and goodness knows there is so much fashion literally at our fingertips-Buyer Beware!

The moral of the story: No matter how much we covet a beautiful coat in the perfect shade of pink…..

“When the customer satisfaction rating is low…just say No!”


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