Jul 4, 2011

Discovering Johanna Johnson….

Posted By: Terri
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Harlow Cuff


I hope you had a great weekend. Me…not so much. I have been down with the flu and quite frankly going a little stir crazy trying to get over this nasty bug. The only upside on the whole “being sick and having to stay in bed situation” is having ample time to catch up on my fashionable reading and web research. So.o.o.o there I was mid cough in bed yesterday afternoon… flipping the pages of my(just arrived )August Lucky magazine (with a BEAUTIFUL cover shot of Christina Hendricks). As I delve into the featured article on Christina, there is a blurb about her “favorite things.” (Hey-isn’t that Oprah’s reference?) Anywho …I feast my eyes on this absolutely amazing rhinestone capelet that looks vintage but come to find out it’s designed by Johanna Johnson. Faster than you can spell Google Search I log onto the site and wah-lah..I have come across one of the most beautiful designers of vintage inspired bridal headpieces, capelets, rhinestone cuffs ets.etc.etc.  (you get the picture) a bevy of Glamour worthy finds that you will adore. Check out her site at http://www.johannajohnson.com/ 

Garland Cape

Milla Veil

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