May 22, 2017

Small & Stylish Work Spaces

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Just because your work space is small on square footage doesn’t mean you have to forfeit style. Having a space that is inviting, inspiring and comfortable will not only boost your productivity but your mood. Your work space should be a happy place for you to do your best.¬†Here are a few simple rules to follow if your looking to achieve a space that really “works” for you!

1. First and foremost you MUST have comfortable seating because lets face it if your not comfortable it’s going to be mighty hard to feel productive.

2. Organization is key. Case in point you need to have certain necessities on your desk like your laptop, lighting and of course a few supplies (pen/pencils) but keep it to a minimum. You will have more clarity with an uncluttered work space.

3. Bearing in mind the rules of uncluttering rest assured there’s always room for some much needed “pretty.” Create a space that you love with some fresh flowers in a beautiful vase or a few desktop accessories that add a pop of style.¬†Surround yourself with a few items that really make you smile.

work kate spade

Image courtesy Kate Spade

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Image Courtesy of The Office

Image Courtesy Pinterest/Madebygirlblogspot

Image Courtesy Pinterest/Madebygirlblogspot

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