May 26, 2011

Stock -Up and Stack…Cara Accessories.

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

What’s the best way to make an outfit go from ho-hum to YUM? Accessories. Exactly right dear Glamour Girl (Quite frankly, I had no doubt that you knew the answer). What I do want to point out is at this very minute the Nordstrom half yearly sale is ON and if you can’t afford to buy the latest markdown on Mark Jacobs or secure the Louis Vuitton handbag quite yet, might I suggest a little something that you can stock up on and still have money in the bank. Bangles. Yep-a stack of colorful unique bangles and bracelets are the sure fire show stopper that you can add in an instant and make that  simple outfit SING… Cara accessories offers a wide assortment from which to choose from and worn separately or stacked-every single set is under (wait for it) fifty dollars Let me repeat that under $50.00 dollars. SO what are you waiting for? Get ready to shop, select and stack a set …or two… or three.

Cara Fabric and Chain Bangle $38.00 on sale: $24.90 @ Nordstrom

Cara Mixed Media (set of 12) $48.00 now $31.90

Cara Mixed Media (set of 7) $48.00 Sale: $31.90@ Nordstrom


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