Nov 2, 2016

Coveting Chanel

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Image courtesy of Candice Lake on Instagram

I’ve yet to meet a woman that doesn’t covet a beautiful Chanel jacket (or Chanel anything for that matter). We’d all  love to have one or two or ten Chanel jackets in our closet if given an unlimited budget BUT ……let’s be real! So what’s a Glamour Girl  to do in her quest to quell this craving that does not seem to be subsiding any time in the remote future? I have OPTIONS. Options are good. Here are a few suggestions that should aid in helping you hang your own Chanel or  very relative facsimile in your closet in the very near future.


Option #1. Lucky you-if you have an unlimited budget or subscribe to the notion of Investment Dressing (i.e. saving your cash and only purchasing one to two items per season) than by all means you can stroll into your nearest Chanel Boutique  and purchase your jacket right off that rack. Yes-you my darling have your very own, never been worn Chanel Jacket. (Side note: Very upscale stores are called Boutiques  so you feel more EXCLUSIVE..(that and the mere fact that you’re shopping  a boutique numbs your brain ever so slightly so pricing isn’t as jarring).

Chanel Jacket Image Source Unknown

Chanel Jacket
Image Source Unknown

Option #2 If you can’t afford  a brand  new (never been worn) Chanel why not consider all the resale options out there. The jacket below is available at (just click on image).

You can also source jackets on numerous online site or scour resale shops.,eBay.


Image courtesy of Click on Image to purchase this item.

Option #3. Affordable ready to wear options of our beloved Chanel jacket are available everywhere…This one from Boston Proper is $159.00 and NO that is not a typo.

Image Courtesy of Boston Proper $159.00

Image Courtesy of Boston Proper $159.00

Option #4. If you can sew at an intermediate level YOU are so in luck-because you can make your own for a fraction of the price. Patterns are available on nearly every pattern site: (Vogue/McCalls/Burda/Simplicity ) and you have endless options as to how you want your jacket to look when it comes to length, fit and fabrication. Side Note: To keep the Chanel vibe going really think twice if you choose any fabrication other than Boucle.

Image Courtesy of Burda

Image Courtesy of Burda

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