Mar 31, 2010

High Heel Quiz!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Here is a quick little question to ponder.

 How high is too high ,when it comes to high heels????


 Let’s face it, Glamour Girls  can practically sprint down the sidewalk in a mere 3 inch heel. In 5 inch heels – we alter our sprint down to a quick gait.. In 7 inch heels- we abort the thought of even trying to run and CONCENTRATE on just staying upright. However,as the new 10 inch heel appeared on the runways of China’s Fashion Week-all the models could do was fall. Yes, you heard me. F.A.L.L. Those poor 5’10” models that weigh 98 pounds had to prance down the catwalk in 10 inch heels and SURPRISE-there was more spillage on the runway than a Victoria’s Secret Bra snapped to tight. Granted-it was the Showing of the Fall Collections in China but who would have thought that the footwear designers would take it so literally.  

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