Mar 17, 2019

The Shirt Dress Returns

Posted By: Terri
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Brandon Maxwell Spring 2019 Collection

The shirt dress is back in a BIG way for Spring 2019. My question is-did it ever leave?

The shirt dress was a woman’s everyday uniform back in the 1950’s. Women needed an outfit that was easy to move around in and maintain a sense of style.-The original design was fitted on top with a very full skirt cinched with a belt at the waist. I remember my Mother wearing a shirt dress in a pretty color everyday growing up. It was always crisp,clean and cinched her waist with a thin matching belt and had a slightly gathered full skirt that hit just above her knees. My Mother did all her daily chores wearing a shirt dress and now that I think of it, she never looked anything but perfectly pulled together. How did she do that?!

1950’s Shirt dress Via Etsy Simplicity Pattern Company

Today’s shirt dress has so many variations to choose from but the one constant is that no matter what shape, color or print the overall design is flattering and feminine. The shirt dress is back ! ( And most to stay).

Kollette Edition $132.00
Image Courtesy of Unique Vintage $118.00

Versace Stamp Print Shirtdress (Nordstrom $1,064.98)
Dress by Modmiss $79.00/Sale $27.61
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Oct 18, 2018

Flash Back Friday

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Category: Designer Spotlight

They say that the 90’s are back.

When it comes to Chanel, I wonder if they ever left…

Chanel is  a classic.  This 1991 Chanel Jacket  worn by Supermodel Naomi Campbell looks like she is walking the Runway today.

Proof that Chanel is truly Timeless.      

Chanel circa 1990

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Jul 29, 2016

Flashback Friday

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Category: Fashion

My Mother always said that good taste NEVER goes out of style. Well… chalk another one up for Mom. As I noticed that the uber stylish and classic pairing of what is now called a crop top and flared skirt were worn wayyy back in the 1960’s by none other than the always classic and forever stylish Jackie Kennedy. flashback

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