Jan 17, 2011

Closet Clean-Up..The Finale!

Posted By: Terri
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Here we are already: The Finale of our Closet Clean-Up Caper. If you follow Go To Glamour Girl, you know that on my posts of 1/10 and 1/11/ 2011,  I answered the Glamour Girl request to give you a step by step process to un-clutter your closet  this year. If you missed the first two posts just scroll back or click onto the closet organization tab on the left hand column of my homepage. I truly hope this Closet Clean Up will bring you the joy and happiness you so deserve from a clean and organized (not to me glamour filled) closet.  


Last week we started the Closet Clean Up with the simple task of purchasing storage boxes for our shoes and perhaps even for your sweaters. If you do have room to store shoes on shelves then you were able to skip step one...

 Step 2 (1/11/2011) was to Sort clothing into one of three piles.

  1. Reuse/Keep: Items that are ready to wear now.
  2. Rework: Items that need repair or restyling 
  3. Recycle: Items that have “had their day.” Donate.

 Now that you have an empty closet,it’s time to put things back in their proper place….


Hang like items with like.

  • (Dresses/Pants/Skirts/Blouses/ Jackets)
  • Within each category arrange light to dark

Arrange your clothes as if you’re going to “shop your closet.” 

Organize within category light to dark...

Orgainze within category going from light to dark....


Short on Closet space: Fold whatever you can from light to dark within category. (Sweater/t-shirts/jeans etc. you get the idea..)

Don't forget to organize your jewelry/handbags and lingere) Trust me this is going to save you oodles of time in the long run!


It doesn't matter if your closet space is big or small.. The whole point of the matter is that your closet should bring you a sense of happiness and calm when you enter.


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