Jan 10, 2011

A Clear Solution for Shoe Storage!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Closet Organization

 Did you vow to Clean out your Closet this year?

Well dear Glamour Girl I am here to help you with a step by step easy peezy process. First and foremost our goal is to have a closet that we can FIND everything and make it a snap to get dressed. When the occasion presents itself and we have to be up and out the door in a matter of minutes… the well organized closet will absolutely be your BFF for getting Glamour worthy faster than you can say “stiletto.” Since I am mindful that in most cases you will not attempt this massive overhaul in a day I thought best to start from the ground up… (we are talking footwear). Shoes, boots, sandals,high heels, kitten heels …you get the point. We have to have order when it comes to our beloved shoes… not only because they represent approximately 70% of your salary but as you know the shoe will always fit! (Doesn’t matter if you’re retaining water weight, feeling a little sluggish or struggling to get rid of the last bits of “holiday happy” you consumed) – A great pair of shoes can always make a look.

So here we are step Numero uno: Go and purchase CLEAR shoe containers. They are the number one best item to store your shoes  and they are available at  all different price points. If you want a clear shoe box for  $1.00 a piece -check out the dollar store…If you have a bit more $$$ to plop down, go to any number of container stores/ shoe emporiums or GOOGLE clear shoe box and you will have a bevy of products to peruse.

* Addendum-If you  have a  built in shoe rack(s)  omit  clear shoe box alternative unless you own so many pairs that you don’t have enough rack space and must store seasonal shoes……


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