Apr 10, 2013

Clinique Nails It!

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Clinique will be rolling out it’s latest nail venture in May 2013. It’s called: A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin, and  will come in oodles of pretty spring colors. The nail enamels are tested by dermatologists and opthamologists – (natch it’s Clinique we’re talking about) and will also include  Nail Enamel Base and Top Coat for sensitive skin.

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel Collection for Sensitive Skin


  • Call My Buff – Permanent
  • Concrete Jungle – Permanent
  • Sweet Tooth – Permanent
  • Fizzy – Permanent
  • Indie Rock – Permanent
  • Made of Steel – Permanent
  • Black Honey – Permanent
  • Really Rio – Permanent
  • Happy – Permanent
  • Hi Sweetie – Permanent
  • Red Red Red – Permanent
  • Party Red – Permanent
  • 70º and Sunny – Limited Edition
  • Summer in the City – Limited Edition
  • Splish Splash – Limited Edition
  • Hula Skirt – Limited Edition
  • Juiced Up – Limited Edition
  • Pinkini – Limited Edition
  • Grape Ice – Limited Edition
  • Hot Date – Limited Edition
  • Strappy Sandals – Limited Edition

Available May 2013 at Clinique and Macy’s.

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Jun 23, 2010


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Category: Fashion

Here we are 3 days into summer and your legs are whiter than an unopened loaf of Wonder bread. What is a Glamour Girl to do?

Answer: Find a great multi-angle spray tan that can hit all the nooks and crannies and crevices on your body with a bronze glow faster than you can say “spray me.” Let’s face it, there are a kagillion self tanner products on the market to choose from. Some are better than others at giving you a glow that says “sun-kissed” instead of “orange mist”!  But what’s a girl to do when trying to decide which one is going to get the job done in the quickest time and at a reasonable price? Well…word on the street (and at the beauty counter)  proclaims Clinique, as offering on of the best self bronzing sprays you can get for a mere $20.00 It’s quick absorbing formula dries  in 5 minutes flat and your color will develop within an hour.  And… if that wasn’t enough-the formula  contains a vitamin E and aloe leaf juice infusion that provides antioxidant protection and soothes dry skin. How FABU for YOU!  So.o.o. go forth..spray mist…bronze-up and be beautiful.

Clinque Self Sun from clinique.com $20.00
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