Feb 25, 2020

Tuesday’s Tip

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Time for a little closet Q & A

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Mar 2, 2017

Spring Cleaning

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underwear drawer

March. The final hurrah of Winter and entrance into all things SPRING! Right about now you’re probably reassessing that notion of your New Year’s resolution to unclutter and thinking ahead to Spring cleaning. I know for many the thought of cleaning out anything can be overwhelming especially when it comes to our closets. We become so attached to everything we own and in particular our clothing because we associate a memory with what we were wearing. I am guilty as charged right along with you on all counts and can feel your pain when it comes to parting with a piece of attire that has special significance. I’m not about to give you some major tough love-if you absolutely have to keep that pair of jeans that no longer fit and haven’t for the last (ohhh say 20 years-we’re good) but more times than not we hold on to waaaaaay to much and our closet is more clutter than clothing. Bearing all that in mind I’m going to suggest taking some BABY STEPS on the task of a much needed Spring “closet” cleaning. Let’s start small with your lingerie drawers. This should be easy peasy and a great jump start to getting the rest of the process done.


Line up your bras light to dark.

Bras: Line up light to dark and for the love of God get rid of any bra that no longer fits, is showing wear and tear or has lost it’s shape. If your bra looks saggy so will you. No can do!


Tuck bra straps underneath bra to bring a more uniform look to your drawer.


Drawer Dividers at Bed Bath and Beyond-Just click on pic to go to item.

 Underwear, socks, scarves and bras (without padding) can be folded neatly (again light to dark)Love these  drawer dividers you can purchase at numerous stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, the Container Store  or Target.(Click on the picture above I found the best priced  drawer dividers at Bed Bath and Beyond $15.99 (+)  20% off coupon via their site.

Remember think Baby Steps-Together we will get your spring closet clean up under control and if you still feel overwhelmed stop by the Glamorous Closet Facebook page for discounts on my Closet Organization Services for March.


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Jan 8, 2014

Closet Cleanse

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It’s THAT time of year again. The last box of Christmas wrap  is finally in storage and that beautiful Christmas tree that you were so excited about a month ago is  now sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up by the recycler.

Since we are on the topic of recycle why not peak into the hallowed halls of our closet and see what needs to go and what needs to stay. It is a New Year and as fashion changes by the seasons so does our closet.  Really take a look and as Tim Gunn would say EDIT! Let’s get rid of anything that you haven’t worn for at least a year and  make some room for new items.  I know this is a little tough  love BUT you will be so much happier after the closet cleanse  when you venture back into your wardrobe and find items that you can wear NOW! For a complete step by step closet clean up click onto: 


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Jan 3, 2012

Closet Resolutions!

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Good Morning Glamour Girl  The beginning of another glamorous year  is here.There is nothing like having a clean slate to get you inspired to  be your best. Top of the list of improvements  for most fashionistas is the desire to finally have a closet that is organized or at the very least one in which you can FIND what your looking for in a reasonable amount of time.

If you read GTGG on any type of regular basis you know that I have written more than a few articles on mastering the task of closet organization and the benefits of getting dressed in the time it takes to brew your morning Cup of Joe. At the risk of repeating myself ..might I suggest you just click onto the Closet Organization category on the upper left hand column of this homepage and find a step by step process to get your closet in tip top shape for the year ahead. By following these simple guidelines you will have a closet that is neat,clean and actually works for you!

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