Oct 2, 2013

I am a Coat-a-holic….

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Faux Fur

Leather Moto- A must have!

I admit it…I am a coat-a holic. Yes, I have a MAJOR addiction to all things involving cold weather coats and I live in L.A. (not exactly the mecca for sporting any time of wool, faux fur or suede on a daily basis). So, what’s a Glamour Girl to do? I have considered starting a support group but that takes a whole lot of time out of my busy schedule. Then there is the thought of going totally cold turkey and swear on my closet of coats that I won’t add one more to the collection but really now is that honestly ever going to happen? Probably not. So… I guess I will just have to sit in silence knowing that I am a coat- a- holic and make peace with it. There..I feel better already. Got run, there’s lots to do today and a coat sale  looming  as we speak.

LOVE the black peplum coat by McQueen


A Basic Camel Wrap-goes with EVERYTHING

Any coat by Burberry–so FABU!

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