Mar 26, 2009

What is your skirt length at 8 A.M.?

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Well there it was in broad daylight—and I use the term Broad in a very figurative sense. Going into Yoga—yes it’s L.A. and that is what we do at 8 A.M. when the rest of the country i.e. the Midwest and East coast are well into their day and have dipped their dunkin donuts or assorted sundry bagel and smear into their 1st or 2nd cup of coffee, but I digress—so back to the street scene at 8 A.M. Looking me straight in the eye was a young girl (under 20—didn’t ask for I.D. but morning light is very telling) wearing a mini skirt—or maybe it was just a hand towel that she attached to her belt! We are talking a mere 10-inch piece of fabric hanging just below the waist and stiletto heels. Now I had to double check my “bitter meter” and make sure I wasn’t just having a moment of deep resentment because her legs had not one ounce of cellulite, but I thought no matter how young you are, it’s 8 A.M. I don’t care if you’re just ending a very long evening or starting a very early day shift—I meant morning…how short should one’s skirt length be at 8 A.M.?  



Is it really good taste and style to show a full moon before high noon?




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