Jun 8, 2020

Summer Craving…The Palm Print Corset

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I was seeking out a little bit of Summer Inspo  via the internet (because  for the most part storefronts in Los Angeles  remain closed). I came upon this very  pretty palm print from White House Back Market that I think says SUMMER. I love the refreshing color and multiple options in which you can wear this one piece wonder.Just a little something to perk up your wardrobe and  hopefully add a little style step to your day..Enjoy. *Direct link attached to first image on this post.


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Dec 9, 2009

Who is Peter Soronen? Just ask Michelle Obama!

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Who is Peter Soronen and what is he doing with

First Lady Michelle Obama?

Now everybody just take a deep breath and relax-this isn’t going to be a tawdry tell all but an introduction to an up and coming designer. Word on the street ( and the street we are referring too is Pennsylvania Avenue) is that our lovely first lady has plucked designer Peter Soronen from relative obscurity to the national limelight by choosing to wear his beautiful gowns not once but twice for some very important events. Recently the First Lady wore a Peter Soronen gown to the Kennedy Center Honors and in the past donned a gorgeous gown for the Governors Ball. Two for Two-and were only in year one of the administration.  Quite an accomplishment for a designer who started his career in Chicago in the early 90s making vintage corset patterns into wearable dresses. Then in 1998 the wedding and evening gowns he made to order were popular enough that he moved himself and his team to New York City. After that Soronen made his New York runway debut in 2007, and now sells his dresses at Barneys New York, Nordstrom, and obviously has some “freelance” gigs on the side…

Michelle Obama wearing Peter Soronen AGAIN at the recent Kennedy Center Honors.
Michelle Obama wearing Peter Soronen at the recent Kennedy Center Honors.
First Lasy Michelle Obama in Peter Soronen
First Lady Michelle Obama in Peter Soronen


The Man of the Moment! Designer Peter Soronen
The Man of the Moment! Designer Peter Soronen
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