May 4, 2010

Designer & Muse….

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The Costume Institute American Women’s Gala, was held the other night in New York. Perhaps a better name for the evening might be “Designer and Muse, Designers and Clients or maybe even Designers and their Most Famous Friend”…It’s just a thought…but I digress…

 It was a glamorous evening with a bevy of “Who’s Who” in the entertainment field dressed by the best fashion designers in the business.  If a designers famous friend was “busy” that night and couldn’t attend said Gala, then the designer just wore her own duds and called it an evening… I only regret that Babs couldn’t show up for Donna as in Karan-(their best friends) and Barbara could have belted out a few bars of People..who need people..)to really make the night complete….

Oprah and Oscar de la Renta wearing Oscar de la Renta Couture (my guess is that her gown was “custom made”)


Brooke Shield and Michael Kors wearing who else?? but Michael Kors


Vera Wang and Mia Kunis in Vera Wang Designs


Donna Karan In Donna Karan

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhar Murad-My FAVORITE gown of the evening.

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