Mar 16, 2011

So Many Covergirls!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

As I was flipping through  a magazine while waiting for my appointment at  the dentists office today I came upon a Covergirl Ad with the latest addition to the Covergirl family…none other than Taylor Swift. I turn a few more pages and there is another Covergirl Ad-this one featuring Drew Barrymore…Now, I think you know where this is all going. Before I finished  reading (and I use the term reading very …very loosely) 1 issue of InStyle, I had come across more than 5 different model/celebs-ALL representing Covergirl cosmetics. In this  downsized economy I think to myself how generous of Covergirl to be employing so many…Queen Latifa,Ellen, Drew, Taylor and Rhianna-even though it may be a bit confusing as to who actually is the FACE of Covergirl Cosmetics????

In the words of Tim Gunn…”Carry On.”

*FYI: My absolute favorite Covergirl  of all time (she also holds the title of being the first and longest running contract at the firm- spanning 20 years plus) is the captivating Christie Brinkley!

Taylor Swift the latest addition to the Covergirl Family

Drew Barrymore
Ellen Degenerous


Queen Latifa

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