Jun 11, 2012

Coveting Crochet

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Cotton Crochet Maxi Dress @Victoria’s Secret.com Sale $96.00

Is it me or has fashion gone crochet crazy? This summer there are so many styles sporting the once popular pattern once associated with a Grandmother’s favorite pastime of crocheting. I think it went something like: knit one-pearl two…. Today it’s knit one pearl two- we have something FABULOUS for you! Crochet is here to stay for summer 2012. You can find   crochet patterns in apparel, shoes, accessories, handbags… (you get the picture) just about everything fashionable. Crochet isn’t just main stream it has gone high fashion-I give you exhibit A-the Alexander McQueen dress and exhibit B-the number endorsement that crochet is here to stay for the season-The wearing of a Chanel crocheted dress  by Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker. I  rest my case.

So.o.o.o, if your looking to covet some crochet this summer here are a few styles to get you inspired. 

The Alexander McQueen Dress@Net-a-porter

Robin Piccone Crochet Penelope One Pc. @Nordstrom $130.00

 Lika Crochet Straw Hat @Saks. On  Sale: $154.00

SJP wearing Chanel Crochet Dress (photo courtesy of Fashionrollcall) 

Images 2/4/5 courtesy of Pinterest

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