Apr 16, 2015

Spring Cutest Crops

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Spring 2015 is bringing us a bumper “crop” of fabulous tops. Everywhere you look there are crop tops abounding. Some are barely there and some “Ab”solutely wearable for work. The key in making the crop top appropriate for any occasion is being mindful of how much skin you are showing and where you are sporting the look. For work might I suggest to keep the abs undercover if you will unless you are working at a gym, employed as a fitness model or perhaps auditioning for the Ab roller If you are young and have a six pack to boot then for casual wear let it rip-literally and bare those absolutely fabulous abs. If you are not in the best shape Ab- wise but still sport a trim torso consider wearing the crop top that dusts the edge of your waistband. All in all Spring is shaping up to have a beautiful bumper crop!

crop top taylor

Image courtesy of Stylecaster.com

crop 7

crop 5

crop 6

crop 3

crop 2

 Images 2-6

courtesy of http://fashion.ekstrax.com/2014/02/dynamic-crop-top-outfits-to-try-this-year.html

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