Apr 20, 2015

The Culotte Comeback

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Who knew that culottes would be making a comeback? Faster than you can say spring trend culottes seem to be on the “must have” list for the season at hand. There are culottes EVERYWHERE. Department stores, discount chains, runway shows and oodles of editorial magazine shots – all touting the coolness of culottes. If you happen to be on the fence about sporting this look may I provide a few simple guidelines to consider….

First of all culottes are uber flexible and by flexible I mean they can be worn for work, casual or dress (see examples below courtesy of ASOS.com).If you want to look as tall and slim as possible (and who doesn’t?) consider wearing all one color to elongate your look and complete your outfit with a fabu pair of pumps.  If your “one of those” that need to gain a few pounds and want to hide how thin you are well then consider a culottes with pleats and a wider print or  maybe go as far as partaking in the consumption of an Oreo cookie or 3-(we are so envious). If you are skeptical about investing in this trend start off purchasing a pair that won’t break the bank-all items featured below are under $100.00).  Whichever way you choose to wear this season’s coolest culottes go for a look that makes you feel nothing short of fabulous.

Culotte with belt and buckle detail $76.00 Asos.com

Culotte with belt and buckle detail $76.00

Graphic Print Culottes  ASOS.com$68.00

Graphic Print Culottes

Culottes Warehouse Tuck Detail  ASOS.com $68.00

Culottes Warehouse Tuck Detail
ASOS.com $68.00

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