Mar 24, 2010

Introducing-Shoe Fairy- Dana Davis!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

You have to suffer to be beautiful” that is what my mother always told me.  Any Glamour Girl that lives in high heels on a daily basis knows first hand how much suffering one can endure in the name of fashion.

But, all that is about to change, thanks to a Shoe Fairy named Dana Davis. Seems that our darling Ms. Davis has been in confab with some major foot care professionals in her quest to design ultra chic footwear with invisible comfort technology. Twah-lah…enter Dana Davis shoes handcrafted in Italy and already worn by celebs Anne Hathaway and Penelope Cruz The good news gets even better with Dana’s new spring styles available to the public and online-just click onto to see her complete Spring 2010 collection and a list of stores that carry these chic and ultra comfortable footwear named after the prettiest of spring petals…

Ah.h.h.h.h.h.h.h……. my feet are feeling better already!.

Petunia $450.00


Primrose $450.00


Peony $450.00
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