Aug 20, 2012

Fashionable Finds….

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

O.K. So.o.o I admit that I have never been one to  venture into a thrift store, resale shop or consignment store looking for fashion. The few times that I did take the plunge I seemed to find clothing that had definitely scene better days and quite frankly didn’t smell “so pretty.” Imagine my surprise when visiting a certain resale shop (one that  I had recently donated a good portion of my late Mother-in-laws remaining possessions to see if there was anything left of the massive donation) when I happened upon some pretty amazing designer duds in MINT condition and minus any sense of unpleasant “storage smell”-aka moth balls) . I managed to pick up a Nicole Miller dress, a designer beaded gown (that the Husby said is the best thing he’s ever scene me wear) and a fabulous pair of Ann Marino shoes and one leather bag. To top it off I was told that all items were half off the listed price that day-(is it Christmas already???) When all was said and done I purchased the whole sha-bang (wait for it)  for $60.00 and will admit to all you Glamour Girls that YES …I’ve been converted .


Photos taken by TTG

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