Jun 14, 2021

Summertime Table Settings

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Well it’s been a minute and what a weekend it was…I hope you had a relaxing and fun filled Saturday and Sunday.

My weekend was filled spending hours on end with…the cable guy. Yes ,THE CABLE Guy, and although he was a very nice gentlemen- let me say that without phone, internet and TV including Wi Fi-one might feel that they have been sent to another planet. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate some major down time filled with silence to collect my thoughts and decompress  however, being devoid of any and all methods available to communicate (without the use of technology)  to reach another human being on Earth is challenging to say the least.

This turn of events got me to thinking. “What did we do before technology-I’m talking ALL of it. Cell phones, text, computers, Wi Fi? Oh, that’s right- we actually spoke to each other in person.  I often wonder if  talking in person or phone has become obsolete- because more times than not, I find people prefer to text rather than pick up a phone.

So here’s a little suggestion for this upcoming Summer: Make a plan /or plans to get out and be with other people . Converse aka TALK and hold a conversation (not text) , share a meal ,reach out and do something with a group of friends.  Savor every moment that you can because we are long overdue (about 15 months overdue). I hope this Summer is filled with wonderful moments that bring beautiful memories for you and your family.

Now if you thought I was just going to yammer on about bringing people together without some stylish inspo..that would be  a NO. I thought you might enjoy a bevy of beautiful Summertime table settings  to get you in the mood and invite and entertain family and friends.  Enjoy!!!

Image Courtesy of Tory Burch.com

Tips for Setting the perfect Summer Table

  1. Pick a theme
  2. Pick a color scheme
  3. Think about items you already have in your home to decorate:
    1. Bowls  or glass containers filled with fresh fruit
    2. Bowls of  glass containers filled with colorful vegetables
    3. Candles, candles and more candles
    4. Flowers are ALWAYS a good idea
    5. Seashells
    6. Rocks in various colors
    7. Greenery
    8. Woven wicker baskets/placemats/bowls
  4. Have fun and don’t overthink things. If you don’t have enough seating -roll out numerous blankets/pillows and set up your party picnic style !

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