Jun 20, 2017

Welcome SUMMER!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Glamorous Decor
tent from domino

Image courtesy of Domino

Today is the OFFICAL start of Summer. I have always been a¬† big fan of the season for a bevy of reasons. I love the longer days of sunlight, getting dressed in literally a nanosecond because you can forget the layers of clothing needed to keep you warm in the cooler months, not to mention just being able to enjoy the out of doors with options galore for entertaining. Which brings me to the picture posted above-saw this AAAAmazing make shift tent posted on the Domino ¬†website touting a makeshift IKEA hack-and I couldn’t stop staring. Ikea hack or not the thought of sitting under a majestic tree that affords one to literally drape fabric over it’s extended branch to make a tent was eye catching and glam worthy. Happy Summer here’s to a wonderful season ahead.


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