Apr 9, 2012

Swimsuit Season-Rules to Live By

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Just as we’re licking the last bits of Chocolate off our Cadbury Easter eggs we realize that in just a few short weeks we will be smack dab in the throws of swimsuit season. Yes-it’s THAT time of year again. Soon you can slip into that perfect little bikini number you bought on sale in  a moment of wishful grandeur last season or the two piece you purchased sometime mid-January after you survived the flu and lost 10 pounds because you couldn’t keep anything down.

Unless you have the genetic blessings of a supermodel there are few women on the planet that look to this time of year with Glee-and by Glee I am NOT referring to the TV show but instead the circus mirrors that a woman must encounter in every dressing room-be it upscale retail or designer discount. Just the other day my darling friend Penny –who P.S. by the way is a perfect size 2 (but I still keep her as a dear friend  because quite frankly I’m a giver) but back to the dressing room mirrors-called up to say you must write something about dressing room mirrors. They are horrible. They make you look fat/thin/freakishly tan or deathly pale-insert whichever scenario applies. Rarely if ever do they represent how you really look. So, here’s a bit of advice for all you Glamour Girls looking to swimsuit shop for the season at hand:

Rule number 1: DO NOT-I repeat DO NOT go swimsuit shopping and enter any  dressing room  if your feeling the least bit bloated, depressed or hormonal on any level.

Rule Number 2: Lighting is key. If your dressing room lights are turned up brighter than a disco ball abort mission and just put the swimsuit on your charge card to try on at home. *Make sure you check the store return policy and NEVER take the tags off until you are 100 per cent sure that your suit is a keeper.

Rule Number 3: No woman on the planet is perfect-(well MAYBE Giselle –but she is a bonafide supermodel-so it doesn’t count-She’s just “Born that way”). Every woman has a few imperfections. The whole point of every swimsuit is to make you look fabulous! Accent the positive and detract from the negative. When in doubt about wearing your latest swimsuit-remeber these two words: self tanner and cover-up! They somehow make the whole swimsuit season do-able.

The Monokini  $79.00

Carmenr Marc Valvo Retro Swimsuit $167.00

For the Girl that can’t get enough Sparkle: Bandeau Top $44.00

 All swimwear courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.com
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