Aug 4, 2011

A Lookbook to “Fall” for Now!

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Each and every fall, the high end retailer Neiman Marcus creates a look book entitled “The Art of Fashion.” I don’t know about you but I LOVE fall fashion and all the new styles the season has to offer. Beautifully photographed and presented in such fashion bibles such as Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle you can view some of the best designer duds for the season at hand in this very glamorous look book. . This year Neiman Marcus has bestowed the position of “uber fashion model”to celebrity and all round adorable actress Drew Barrymore. Drew has such an effortless ease in front of the lens that she makes each and every photograph a work of Art. All in all …this is one look book that you are sure to FALL for.. Enjoy.  


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Mar 16, 2011

So Many Covergirls!

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Category: Fashion

As I was flipping through  a magazine while waiting for my appointment at  the dentists office today I came upon a Covergirl Ad with the latest addition to the Covergirl family…none other than Taylor Swift. I turn a few more pages and there is another Covergirl Ad-this one featuring Drew Barrymore…Now, I think you know where this is all going. Before I finished  reading (and I use the term reading very …very loosely) 1 issue of InStyle, I had come across more than 5 different model/celebs-ALL representing Covergirl cosmetics. In this  downsized economy I think to myself how generous of Covergirl to be employing so many…Queen Latifa,Ellen, Drew, Taylor and Rhianna-even though it may be a bit confusing as to who actually is the FACE of Covergirl Cosmetics????

In the words of Tim Gunn…”Carry On.”

*FYI: My absolute favorite Covergirl  of all time (she also holds the title of being the first and longest running contract at the firm- spanning 20 years plus) is the captivating Christie Brinkley!

Taylor Swift the latest addition to the Covergirl Family

Drew Barrymore
Ellen Degenerous


Queen Latifa

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Nov 8, 2009

A Fashion Note for Drew….

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Category: Fashion Humor

Drew. We love you! We really do.

I saw this little pic from the movie screening of Everybody’s Fine, and my only question was “Are you sure?” That Victoria Beckham design you were sporting at the premier was just a beautiful shade of purple and honey, your skin tone looks like “heaven” next to that hue but I couldn’t help but notice that the  length is a bit .. how canl I say this as nicely as possible…???  I’ll just say it-you look downright dowdy! Now Drew, you are many things- but dowdy would never be an adjective I would choose to describe you or your style sense. Fun, Fresh, Full of life-totally you!  So Drew call that friend Vic..Vicky..Posh whatever you call her.akaVictoria Beckham and ask if she could chop off about 5-6 inches from the bottom. You will go from dowdy to drop dead spectacular with just a snip of the scissors.  Easy…peasy!

Drew Barrymore at the AFI Screening of "Everybody's Fine" at Grauman's Chinese Theater...
Drew Barrymore at the AFI Screening of “Everybody’s Fine” at Grauman’s Chinese Theater…
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