Apr 28, 2011

The Busiest Bride of All…

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Kate Middleton may go down in history as one of the most famous brides of our time BUT nobody can beat Elizabeth Taylor for being the “Busiest Bride of All.” Elizabeth Taylor celebrated a grand total of 8 weddings in her lifetime. Liz never ceased to amaze us with her beauty and selection of wedding attire. Here is a quick retrospective of Elizabeth Taylor-Hilton, Wilding, Todd, Fisher, Burton, Burton, Warner, and Fortensky.  P.S. We miss you Liz….

1. Liz & Conrad Hilton (photo Keystone/Getty Images)

#2. Liz & Michael WIiding

#3. Liz & Michael Todd

#4. ELizabeth Taylor & Eddie Fisher

#5&6. Liz & Richard Burton

#7. Liz & John Warner (Photo: Glamour)

8. Liz & Larry Fortensky

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Mar 24, 2011

Good-bye to a Glamour Icon.

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Screen Legend and Aids Activist Elizabeth Taylor died today at the age of 79.

 Elizabeth Taylor was born in England to American parents on February 27, 1932 . 

Each and every tribute that came forward today spoke of Elizabeth’s extraordinary beauty… both inside and out.

Good-bye beautiful ELizabeth..

The memory of your beauty  and spirit will endure forever…..

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