Aug 15, 2018


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Enchante’ (translation) “Nice to meet you.”

When you first enter a home it should rise up to greet you-or at the very least make an impression…a really good impression!

The entry way of your home can speak volumes. It sets the tome for the rest of the home.  At the very least the entryway should allow the visitor or you (for that matter) to “Make AN ENTRANCE!” Maybe it’s my showbiz background or perhaps my penchant for a bit of sparkle but for me personally, nothing says “welcome home” like a beautiful chandelier  hanging in the entryway.  Now, if said chandelier just happens to be on the rather large size…all the better. You don’t want something so small it would go unnoticed. What would be the point of THAT! If you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle and illuminate your entryway here are a few “simple” suggestions to help get you inspired.

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