May 10, 2021

“Sun”sational Straw Bags on ETSY

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Summer is almost here and if per chance you’re in the mood to pick up a sweet straw handbag or tote that won’t break the bank, I have the perfect place to peruse… ETSY.  Straw handbags are always a Summer trend and you can find some pretty fashionable finds for under $50.00 on ETSY. All handbags featured  below are under $50.00,Bestsellers on the site, and In Stock.

*Just click on the image and go directly to the store site.  Enjoy!

Rattan Straw Messenger @ NomadNextdoor on ETSY  $59.00

LuminosaLK@Etsy Woven Rattan $36.86

SummerbreezeGB on ETSY Woven Rattan handbags $36.85 each

Butterfly Rattan Bag BaliPleasure @ ETSY $39.09 (was $45.99)

Rattan Woven Boho EnjoyLifeCraft@ETSY $48.86 (was $69.80)

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Oct 21, 2020

Party Prep-Mask Bling

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A little bling to get you through Hump Day (and  also in party prep for the holidays) because let’s face facts: This mask business will most likely extend until the New Year.

If you’re in need of some sparkle for the upcoming holidays, there’s no better way to add a little bling to your outfit then with a sparkly facemask.   I have sourced four ornate face masks on the Etsy site and hope in some small way this puts a little bling in your day.

*Click on image  & go directly to the Etsy shop to purchase and peruse other options..  

Crystal Face Mask@ Etsy

Neith Lavender and Black Satin @Etsy$69.99

Off White Bedazzled Bling @ Etsy $69.99

Mirrored Facemask @ Etsy $97.00

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Feb 5, 2020

Etsy Love…Sweet Sites to See

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I know there are a zillion sites to shop these days but I wanted to spotlight  3 of my absolute favorites on ETSY today because they’re beyoooond fabulous!  When you have a moment check out these little gems. I think you ‘ll enjoy them as much as I do. Happy Hump day.

  1. Baking in Heels– (Love the shop name) and  an absolutely adorable site for beautiful cookie confections.

Baking in Heels @

2. Vintage Jewelry –Land of Vast Desires..Run don’t walk to this absolutely stunning site with Vintage Jewelry.  This is a HIGH end shop and offers pieces that are in perfect condition (many are signed originals).  Seriously…AMAZING! The shop is out of Palm Beach…soooo you know this is the good stuff.

Land of Vast Desires @

3. Beautiful and  Unique Home wares: Yvonne Ellen- one of the most beautiful and whimsical sites to find specialty plates, tea cups, saucers, bowls and so much more.

Yvonne Ellen Homewares @

Images courtesy of individual Etsy Shop listed. Click on image to go directly to item and site. 
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Jul 13, 2011

Etsy Vintage Alert….

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Every once in awhile I come across a fashionable find on Etsy that I simply must share with all you gorgeous Glamour Girls. If you adore a vintage dress from the 50’s,60’s or 70’s clickity click onto the site Red Vintage House on and enjoy!!!  

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Feb 23, 2011

Etsy Alert…

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Category: Fashion

Most everyone looks to eBay for vintage finds on the web BUT…. Don’t be so quick to click. I have found a bevy of wonderful vintage sellers on the Etsy site and I will be bringing them to your attention  right here on GTGG. One of my absolute favorite’s for beautiful vintage clothing is Timeless Vixen Vintage-(love the title). It’s a site filled with oodles of fabulous finds from the 1870’s to the 1970’s.

1950 Cape and Coat

1950 Christian DIor

1950 Fudhia Pink Shimmer

1950 Lilli Diamond

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Dec 7, 2010

What Etsy has In-Store…

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Category: Fashion

Well…well…well…just when I thought I had scoured every shopping mecca, outlet mall, home shopping and designer website…low and behold Etsy, comes to the rescue with some unique and amazing last minute homemade and vintage holiday gifts.  Imagine my surprise and overwhelming excitement when I came upon this spectacular… and I do mean Spectacular with a capital S, 1950’s vintage Christian Dior pearl and crystal necklace and earring set available from Vintage Treasures on the Etsy site.I admit the price tag of $2,950.00 may be a bit steep to qualify as a stocking stuffer BUT as a true fashion statement and investment piece it would certainly be Glamour Worthy!

As you continue to peruse numerous sites and shops for the perfect present(s) remember to think a bit outside the box and checkout A site filled with custom created treasures and vintage finds. With a few clicks of your mouse you may have holiday shopping wrapped up sooner than you can say Etsy!     

Earrings Included to complete the Look….
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Jun 29, 2010

Fashionable Doodles to Frame!

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Category: Fashion

Do you ever doodle? You know what I mean by doodling don’t you? It’s when you’re sitting or standing and mindlessly putting pen to paper   until something starts to take shape… Well I think I have uncovered the absolute QUEEN OF DOODLING!  Although I wouldn’t really classify the work of Brooke Hagel as doodling (that is the name of her shop on Etsy-“Fabulous Doodles”)…instead I would call her work Fabulous Fashion Illustrations that make you smile… I discovered Brooke on the Etsy site (a website that features homemade items) and was enthralled with her work. She has available for purchase: beautiful illustrations of fashionable women, whimsical notebook covers, bookmarks, gift tags and even customized wedding illustrations you can have done of your bridal gown for a mere $100.00 The prices on her items range from $6.50-$20.00-and I think you will find each of her pieces pretty enough to frame.  

Check out Brooke’s work at

“The Hostess”- Illustration -$20.00


“They’re Back” Fashion Illustration $20.00


Fun Girl Tags $6.50


Allie Notebook $12.00


Custom Wedding Illustrations $100.00
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