Jan 31, 2011

Ann Taylor’s Credo-“Change is Good.”

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 Last fall there was a big tah-do at Ann Taylor Inc. about signing actress Naomi Watts as the offical  FACE of Ann Taylor. Ms. Watts looked stunning (with a little help from airbrushing and Photoshop) and seemed a perfect fit for the new sphisticated and updated look of AT Fall until…. low and behold AT replaces Naomi with “Heidi Klum for Holiday.”Ms. Klum had a bevy of beautiful Holiday Ads that featured more sparkle than a Be-dazzler shop at full throttle.  It seemed that we barely kicked our Christmas tree to the curb when we find that the New(est) face of Ann Taylor going forward for Spring 2011 will be none other than Katie Holmes aka Mrs. Tom Cruise …SO let’s see ….in 6 months that’s three different celebs for the actual FACE of Ann Taylor. At this rate we may start to really get confused as to whom the actual face of Ann Taylor is…

Change is Good… or is it?????

Katie Holmes the latest “Face” for AT Spring 2011

Heide Klum was the face of Ann Taylor Holiday!

Naomi Watts was the first “Face” of AT last Fall!
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