Jul 17, 2009

Leopard Print in my Coffin!

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*Please note:  I want to clarify that I am speaking of Faux animal prints so PETA People-please relax….I am on your side!

I absolutely adore animal prints. Zebra, Cheetah, Leopard-LOVE THEM!!!. There is just something about the animal print that spells happy! So imagine my sheer delight when the  2009-2010 Fall fashion trends pick leopard as the standout print of the season!  

Leopard  has been my  favorite animal print for as long as I can remember. I have often said that when my time comes “to go” to….( where ever it is  that you go- when your days are over) I am taking ALL my leopard print items and my Chanel belt, “just in case.” If I would place bets that there’s something resembling an “afterlife”-odds are definitely in my favor that the Leopard print and Chanel belt will still work their magic.  Think about it, Leopard looks good on and with everything. It’s versatile with a capital V as in “adding VaVoom to any outfit,(unless of course you love wearing Calico and then you aren’t terribly concerned with VaVoom). Leopard is sheer perfection  with basic black. It can make any outfit POP when paired with pink or red, or brown or beige or navy or …well you get the picture. You just know that when you add a leopard accessory i.e. belt, watch, purse, umbrella. .you will be noticed in the best of ways! Unless of course you are wearing more than one animal print at the same time..i.e. leopard with cheetah and zebra…Just promise me when you feel the need for faux animal anything -only one animal print at a time! I know it works in the jungle- but honey do you really want to be in the jungle -all dolled up in your animal print? I think not!

So there it is “The Print” of the Fall 2009-2010 season. Leopard!  Buy it, wear it, love it, save it.. I will be buried with it ..because I could just die for a really great leopard print.   

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