Nov 18, 2019

Talbot’s on Trend…

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Luxe Suede Trench (color: Saddle) $899.00 Talbot’

There I was this morning… with visions of a perfectly put together outfit for Thanksgiving  in my head,when all of a sudden there IT was. A beautiful  suede coat in the  most yummy pumpkin  hue. (It’s named “saddle” on the site but in  my minds eye-it looks like the color of Pumpkin Pie. But, I digress). As I click on the image, I’m directed to  the  apparel site – Talbot’s.  Yes, you heard me… Talbot’s.

I’ve always associated  the Talbot’s  brand with classic style that is well-made and available at very affordable prices. But, low and behold Talbot’s, has done some sprucing UP. As I perused the site I noticed a number  of beautiful and quite stylish (read into that elevated classics) in a number of vibrant hues and patterns offered at prices that are a bit more expensive than the mid-range price point that is characteristic of the site.

Click on the images provided and go directly to the Talbot’s site. I think you’ll see that  the Classic Styling of Talbot’s have had an upgrade…


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Oct 29, 2019

Tuesdays Tip(s) … “Checking IN”

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Today’s Tuesday Tip has everything to do with plaid and checked prints because quite frankly there’s a whole lot of this pattern at play for Fall.

If you’re searching for the perfect plaid or checked  blazer/jacket, I have a few tips that I hope will help in guiding you to the perfect purchase.

  1. Make sure that the plaids and/or checks match  on the garment both vertically and horizontally.

Observe below the difference between the first  jacket in red and second and third jackets. It goes without saying that when the plaids match and the lines of the plaid or check are continuous in the looks much more luxe and gives a uniform look.  Design elements that are continuous and uniform aid in helping your silhouette appear taller and slimmer.  

2. Jackets/Blazers…skim the body better and give a more fluid appearance when they are lined.   

3. Detailing is “Key” when it comes to checks and plaids,look for beautiful contrasting button details, piping, binding  to add contrast and some much needed interest. 

Lioness The Palermo Blazer ( $89.00)

Smythe Taped Peak Lapel Blazer ( $795.00)

Generation Love Alexa Tweed Blazer ( $348.00

All Images Courtesy of
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Sep 5, 2019

Thursday-Trend Report

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Category: Fashion

Fall 2019 is almost upon us and I’m here to give you fair warning that you’re going to be seeing allot and I do mean allot of Python Prints.This snake print has taken over for Fall and it is everywhere, dresses, coats, bags, skirts pants…you get the drift.

Like most every year since I can remember, the fashion forecasters deem that animal print will be BIG for the fall season ahead. Hellllllo. Animal print never goes out of style-I mean…EVER. It’s like saying that basic black is back. I ask you: When did it ever leave?

Animal print is back and it is here to stay. This season the python seems to be the “print of preference” when it comes to all the fashion ads I’ve been viewing. .

When it comes to wearing animal print, I have a few “suggestions” to bear in mind so you can look chic and sleek and still on trend:

  1. Rule#One: Only wear one animal print at a time. Please remember that any type of animal print is an accent and the only place there should be more than one animal print together is at the Zoo.
  2. Speaking of any animal prints including python-Faux is the only way to go. Please spare our beautiful wildlife (yes, even slithery snakes) no one will know the difference.
  3. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and streamlined (translation-go for solids and keep all other accessories simple)-it will give you an elevated and elegant look when adding that pop of animal print.
  4. Below are a few of my favorite items for Fall 2019..especially love the Marc Fisher boots at Macy’s- affordable and comfy!
Alice & Olivia Pre Fall 2019
Boston Proper Python Print Cross Body $79.50
Marc Fisher Retire Booties @ Macy’s $129.00 LOVING!
Image Courtesy of Zoe Report
The Attico@ (Python-print Belted Leather Coat)
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