Sep 20, 2011

Sweater Weather….

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 Embrace the OSW…

(Outdoor Sweater Weather) 


Sequin Cardigan $69.50

I live in LA where “Sweater Weather,” isn’t in full Fall throttle until sometime in November. I remember growing up in the Midwest and looking forward to “chilly mornings” in late September and early October, when temperatures dipped into the 50-60’s and you’re  actually excited because you’ve been DYING to breakout your latest sweater purchase that’s been sitting in your closet since July! Let’s face it, (OSW) Outdoor Sweater Weather never lasts very long but, when it’s here you really want to embrace the perfect sweater. You seek something fun and fashionable but not to expensive because let’s face it, faster than you can say “first frost” you’ll be ditching your sweater coat for an insulated winter parka. (Well maybe not a parka but you get the gist…something much warmer and preferably with some flannel insulation).

Enter…Vicky, as in Victoria’s Secret. Yes the fashion Gods, were definitely in sync today when I thought to write this post because neatly rolled up in my mailbox was the latest Fall Issue of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog chock full of fabulous sweater options. We’re talking   cute cardigans, sweater coats, wonderful wraps and more. All are fashion forward and available at very reasonable prices. (We’re talking under $100.00 each)! At that price you may find yourself falling for more than just one OSW/outdoor sweater option. Kudos to you Vicky-you’re right on cue.    


Cotton Cashmere Wrap $39.50

Faux Fur Sweater Coat $98.00

Open Cardigan $69.50

All sweaters available at

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