Aug 28, 2012

Leather Rules….

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Leather is going to be BIG…very big for Fall 2012. Here’s the scoop-didi-scoop when it comes to wearing this fabric.

1.  Purchase the best quality leather you can afford-with this fabrication it really does PAY to go luxe .

2. Quality leather should feel like BUTTER-soft, supple with great draping properties.

3. Leather MUST be lined. Why you ask-because if it isn’t it will stretch in the darndest places. Take for instance your backside from sitting down-the leather can and will stretch if not lined to accommodate your derriere while sitting. Upon standing you have instant bubble but-“so not pretty.”

4. Fit is always key in wearing any garment but especially leather. There is nothing worse than a leather item on your body with stretch lines. When in doubt buy the larger size and have it tailored to fit.

5. Purchasing a leather item with classic lines. It will extend the life of your garment’s wear-ability.

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Aug 20, 2012

Black is Back…

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Carolina Herrara Fall 2012


Fashion Alert: Black is Back.k.k for Fall 2012.

My only question is: Did it ever leave?

Black has always been a “go to”staple for most Glamour Girls. After many seasons of  promoting brown, carmel and burgandy the fashion forecasters have declared that black is once again the color for Fall 2012. Welcome back black-it’s like you never left.

                                          Balmain Fall 2012                                          


 Donna Karan Fall 2012

Helmut Lang Fall 2012

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