Sep 25, 2017

Trending-The White Ankle Boot

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Remember that old style rule that said: “No white after Labor Day.”Wellllll, it seems that the style savants didn’t get THAT memo and suddenly white ankle boots are everywhere for Fall 2017. Now just between you and I white boots are “O.K.” if you want to call some major attention to your feet or pant line but as a whole, if you aren’t one that’s been blessed with the thinnest thighs on the planet perhaps this trend might be one to delete from your Pinterest board. However, if you find yourself longing to wear this trend and you don’t have the thighs of a supermodel might I suggest flare leg pants and an attitude of utter confidence. At the end of the day I’m all about you being you and if you must wear white (even after Labor Day) why not check out these super affordable boots from Zara. They’re under $50.00 ($39.90 to be exact) have a very walkable kitten heel and won’t break the bank which is really a good thing because trends come and go and I have a feeling this trend won’t be on repeat.


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Sep 17, 2017

Checking “In”

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This week I’m going to be highlighting the TRENDS for Fall 2017. Each day I will give you a quick 411 on what’s up and coming for the season at hand. First up are CHECKS.

You’re going to be seeing allot and I do mean allot of checks in every size,pattern and color. Just to get you warmed upI’ve chosen to keep the selection a bit basic in mostly black and white because…well let’s face it…it’s  only Monday and there’s no need to jolt you into the week with a BOLD and bright red.. I’ll save that for Tuesday after you’re had time to ease into your week. Happy Monday!

All Images Courtesy of Harpers

Chanel Fall 2017

Louis Vuitton Fall 2017

Calvin Klein Fall 2017

Michael Kors Fall 2017

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