Sep 19, 2010

Falling for Fashion…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

New York Fashion Week (Spring 2011) just wrapped-but not before a few fall(s) and no I am not refering to the season at hand. It would seem that designers continue to delight in putting their models through the triple H- (High Heel Hell).  With all the photographic evidence depicting Models as “Road Kill” I can only suggest to designers a quick and easy rule to measure their runway  heel height : If the height of a models heel measures longer than…. (let’s just make it simple) a Starbucks decaf, no-foam Vente Latte than perhaps one might consider putting those poor models in a heel more walk worthy-say a comfy 4-5 inches…. I know it’s a tall order but I’m begging you designers to reach deep inside your “soul” and adjust heel height accordingly.

Photos courtesy of The Thread NYTimes

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