Jun 28, 2011

When Red-White & Blue Beckons You.

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

It’s here. The little window of opportunity that arrives each year when you can be sporting red, white and blue combos and it’s considered  FASHIONABLE.  This patriotic time frame usually starts in the U.S. of A. …approximately seven days before the fourth of July and ends immediately after the last firework hits the air-(somewhere around 12:01 A.M. on the fifth of July). After that, you best consider putting the red, white and blues to bed until Labor Day,(and then it’s fineto until next May and Memorial Day ).

 The fourth of July has it’s own dress code, where fashionestas everywhere flock to wear a frock with color reference to the American Flag. Don’t ask me why… but I have a feeling that the “Spirit of Betsy Ross,” may be involved…” (Just a thought). So.o.o.o. as the fourth of July arrives in the next few days and you find yourself searching for something red white and blue to look fashionable on you, remember that “Stars and Stripes may be Forever,” but looking like an American flag is best reserved for ONE DAY  ONLY…Maybe that’s why they call it…. Independence Day????

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