Feb 19, 2020

Lovinggg Megan Hess

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Fashion Illustrator Extraordinaire Megan Hess

If  per chance you  haven’t heard of  this acclaimed fashion illustrator who works with the likes of some of the biggest fashion houses and designers in the world  including Chanel,Dior, Tiffany & Co, Cartier Prada, Valentino, Fendi (just to give you the very short list of her prestigious client base)then let me introduce you to the stylish and supremely talented Megan Hess.

Born in Brisbane Australia, Megan started out as a graphic designer. Her career took a major (style) detour when she   illustrated the New York Times best selling book written by Candace Bushnell entitled…Sex and the City in 2008. (I have a feeling you’re familiar)!

Today, Megan  continues her work illustrating for luxury designers, and retailers  and has branched out to offer her own product line (complete with her illustrations) on a number of beautiful items including: limited edition prints,  her own line of books, scarves, handbags, tabletop and more. Check out this beautiful designer and her glamorous work at www.meganhess.com (just click on any image below to be directed to her site.


Megan’s office-her Illustrations on the wall

Tabletop (Dishes designed by Megan Hess)

The Artists Tote $260.00 USD

Image Courtesy of Megan Hess Illustration Facebook Page

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Jan 19, 2017

Style Obsession-Megan Hess

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megan with prints

Megan sitting in front of some her fabulous fashion Illustrations.

My latest style obsession is Megan Hess. If you’ve never heard of her or her fabulous designs you’ve probably witnessed her wonderful work in numerous fashion illustrations from your favorite luxury retailers. The woman has style with a capital S. Megan also has a product line of ultra fabulous items (although a bit pricey) but fabulously fashionable and clearly collector worthy. Here’s a peak into Megan’s World.  For the complete 411 you can log onto: http://www.meganhess.com/

megan bloomies

megan chanel

All images courtesy of Megan Hess.com

megan hess vase best

Megan’s product lines includes: vases, plates, pillows and more. Beautiful Vase by Megan Hess…

megan plates 350

Click on product images for complete pricing info and details.

megan hess plates

megan hess pillows

Product pricing available at meganhess.com


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May 3, 2010

Donovan for Dior!

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Back to Work Monday.

Speaking off work…Who do you think has one of the best DREAM JOBS in fashion?

Answer:  Fashion Illustrator Extraordinaire Bill Donovan.

Mr. Donovan landed the job of “Artist in Residence” (translation- he has been hired to be the very first fashion illustrator ever!!!)for the Dior label. Not bad you say? I say AMAZING.  Mr. Donovan lives in New York City and teaches at FIT.  It’s no wonder the man has an eye and a pen for fashion. Check out his website billdonovan.com to see more of his fabulous work.

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