May 12, 2013

Fashion Star Hunter Bell…

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Hunter Bell with her Express Collection

The votes were in on Friday night’s season finale of Fashion Star.The winner was Hunter Bell and the competition was MAH-JOR (say it like Rachel Zoe)! I have to admit that I didn’t watch season one of FS but season 2 was nothing short of spectacular. I prefer FS over Project Runway in a New York minute. The behind the scenes drama shows how arduous it is to actually CREATE something new and exciting not to mention sell-able, the designers in and of themselves are less-(how shall I saw this nicely as possible) bitchy! No clawing or cat fights just creative people bonding together to bring out the best under the fine mentor-ship of Jessica Simpson, Nicole Ritchie and John Varvatos. As much as you want to think that Ms. Simpson is a blonde airhead you can see why this woman has a BILLION dollar fashion empire-she has her finger on the pulse of fashion and what the public will buy. John Varvatos is a fashion force giving great direction and Nicole Ritchie (bless her heart) really does hold her own with a great eye for style.  Louise Roe, is charming as the Host and MC of the night and has a certain warmth to her that is infectious. All in all ..Fashion Star is a must see that returns next season.

Huneter bell also created collection for Saks and Macy’s: click onto for complete details…

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Apr 14, 2013

A note about Fashion Star!

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Photos of  Friday’s Fashion Star’s winning designs.

Are you watching Fashion Star? I am. This show is starting to be one of my fashion faves and why not-it’s got a bit of the “behind the scenes” design process,oodles of DRAMA.A.A.A and in the end… affordable fashion available to buy ASAP.

If you go on the store sites during the show you may be able to purchase one of the featured items BUT  just a little heads up if you are looking to purchase something on the Macy’s site and don’t have your finger on the “button to buy” before the show ends… you may find your desired item marked with SOLD OUT! Macy’s sells out usually before the show is over same with The Limited, where as Saks Fifth Avenue has a generous back stock and 9 times out of 10 usually able to fill your order.

***Just a little note for all you beautiful Glamour Girls looking to be your own Fashion Star.

Favorite Item:( so far) Silvia’s  Coatdress on episode one..

$280.00 at Saks.

All photos courtesy of Fashion Star

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