Sep 17, 2010

NY Fashion Week 2010…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week officially ended today!

I know you’re probably thinking I have really slipped up and not reported ASAP on all the latest and greatest for Spring RTW 2011…I assure you that I only have the best intentions for your wardrobe…really I do. This is just my way to keep you FOCUED on the task at hand-FALL FASHION. For now I am withholding the “goods”. (And by goods: I am referring to the Spring 2011 RTW collections that I have downloaded at warp speed for posting at a later date.

A true Glamour Girl likes to be on the cusp of all information concerning fashion-but for goodness sake I just rotated my closet and have yet to embrace my latest faux fur purchase! (Didn’t we just say good-bye to summer a mere 10 days ago)?Just give me a moment…let me re-boot my brain, take a cashmere sweater count, polish my thigh high leather boots and stash the last swimsuit in storage.

 I promise to return and embrace with you what will keep us “cool” for Spring 2011.In the meantime open a window and let the chill of Fall air keep you Focused. 

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