Feb 16, 2015

Elevating Banana Republic Fashion Status..

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And so it continues-

The quest for Banana Republic to elevate it’s fashion image.

First order of business hire Marissa Webb (  a former head of womenswear at J. Crew who also has her own clothing line joined BR in April 2014).

Second order …Present Fall 2015 line at New York Fashion Week.. Done and Done.


As Banana Republic walked the runways on Saturday February 14, the line was a definite departure from the simple and standard designs and color palettes of BR past. Instead  what you see were multi-layered ensembles with a sporty vibe  in vibrant and lush color palettes. It was definitely a more chic  and sophisticated attitude and should bode well to elevate Banana Republics image and customer appeal. All images courtesy of NOWFASHION.COM


Designer Marissa Web (center) Presenting- Banana Republic Fall 2015





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Sep 7, 2014

Crushing on DVF 2015

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I admit that I’ve always admired Diana Von Furstenberg.  One might even say I have a bit of a crush. But can you really blame me?! The woman never ceases to amaze me with the strength of her convictions and her passion for making woman look and feel beautiful. Her collections are always a direct reflection of all she embodies and the latest Spring 2015 offering is right on track with bold prints, vibrant colors and figure flattering silhouettes all combining to give us a collection that is fun and fashionable. Oh Diane.. I guess the crush continues!

For more images visit Go To Glamour Girl Facebook Page 

All images courtesy of Style.com

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Sep 2, 2014

NYFW starts in 2 days….

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NYFW-it’s all about FASHION

The countdown begins..

Designer Jason Wu reviewing his shoe inventory

New York Fashion Week starts in 2,count um 2 days. The first sign of Fall.

Fashion Week-a girl has got to have OPTIONS!

 All images courtesy of Who What Wear


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Sep 11, 2013

Michael Kors Spring 2014

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Michael Kors premiered his Spring 2014 Collection at NYFW today and in quintessential  Michael Kors “fashion” the show was filled with a  bevy of beautiful classic shapes and a neutral palette of beige ,grey, white, and tan. For more images log onto our Facebook page. (Facebook icon at right of blog). (Images courtesy of Style.com)

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Sep 27, 2011

Over-Packers Anonymous

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The Over Packers Credo:

When in doubt…

Pack EVERYTHING you can’t live without.

Stylist Rachel Zoe arrived at Paris Fashion Week with a total of ELEVEN LAGRE OVERSTUFFED bags plus two carry-ons for a whopping total of 13 bags. It’s just a  hunch but I’m guessing that husband Rodger-who you can see in the background and Baby Skylar (not pictured) had their luggage on a separate cart…  

The Luggage of Karl Lagerfeld photographed at Fashion Week last year.

****Bear in mind that Uncle Karl wears the same uniform everyday.(Black jacket and pants -usually in the form of a dark black jean, white shirt and black tie.)

Pictured below is an editorial from Vogue Italia September 2011, featuring model Jacquelyn Jablonski as the over packer perpetrator. Somehow they make it look so ….fashionable!

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Sep 19, 2010

Falling for Fashion…

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New York Fashion Week (Spring 2011) just wrapped-but not before a few fall(s) and no I am not refering to the season at hand. It would seem that designers continue to delight in putting their models through the triple H- (High Heel Hell).  With all the photographic evidence depicting Models as “Road Kill” I can only suggest to designers a quick and easy rule to measure their runway  heel height : If the height of a models heel measures longer than…. (let’s just make it simple) a Starbucks decaf, no-foam Vente Latte than perhaps one might consider putting those poor models in a heel more walk worthy-say a comfy 4-5 inches…. I know it’s a tall order but I’m begging you designers to reach deep inside your “soul” and adjust heel height accordingly.

Photos courtesy of The Thread NYTimes

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