Mar 28, 2010

Fashionable Aprons!

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It was only a matter of time until someone-(well in this case allot of someone’s) would finally jazz up what we all knew as the “apron.” This little  piece of attire was  reserved for one’s darling grandmother – often made of cotton or worse yet plastic -with very large pockets and stamped with a lackluster print. The apron was a totally utilitarian piece of clothing used to “protect” grandma’s dress from  spills, splashes and sprinkles that happened during cooking.

 Well Glamour Girl, grandma’s drab apron days are long gone. You can now buy aprons in every print and pattern imaginable. Can you believe I even found aprons made of sequins-(not kidding). Who knew that aprons have become such a rage that when you Google fashionable aprons you come up with about 1,052 choices of vendors touting their fashionable, fun and festive aprons. Well honey, all I can say with so many  aprons to choose from…”If that doesn’t get you cooking-nothing will.”

From the upcoming SATC 2- Charlotte wearing a cupcake apron. Yummy!

Rock and Roll Apron fron IT!

Aprons from Jessica Steele are tailored to impress....(

Lady's Apron available from Anthropologie $28.00

Suzie Homemaker Apron from $35.50

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