Apr 11, 2009

Hungry for a Fashion Film Fix?

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Mr. Valentino

Mr. Valentino 

Let’s see it’s  been 2 months since Confessions of a Shopaholic came to the silver screen, a whole year since Sex and the City –The Movie, The Devil Loves Prada has been out on DVD and by now has probably ditched Prada and is  sporting Jason Wu!  Good News fashionistas- put on those 5 inch stilettos and run don’t walk to see the latest installment in fashion film pabulum  Valentino – The Last Emperor! It is open in limited release and it is fabulous with a capital F!!!!


 This documentary shows a never before ( behind the scenes view) of how Mr. Valentino lives, works, creates and  copes with being one of the last couture designers of our time. It also depicts the extraordinary relationship between himself and his friend, business partner and lover of almost 50 years Giancarlo Giammetti.  


This movie is visually beautiful not only because of where and how Mr. Valentino lives, but because the clothing he designs are one of a kind masterpieces that are so breathtakingly beautiful you will be on your feet and salivating for more…….Thank you Mr. Valentino!


Valentino Signature "Red"

Valentino Signature “Red”



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