Sep 23, 2010

Go Faux!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Faux is definitely the way to go this fall.   You might have noticed that faux fur is EVERYWHERE this season-coats, vests, boots, bags-you name it…the fur is literally flying off the shelves. Now you may be asking, “What’s  a Glamour Girl to do with so many choices and so little time?” Enter your Glamour Girl Faux Fur detective-(that would be mawahhhh). I have done a little due diligence to narrow the field with one item that you might be wanting sooner than later. Being that today is the “official start” of Fall and temps are still hovering in the Indian Summer Phase,why not embrace an item that will suit you and your outfit without breaking a sweat..a faux vest! Great! We are so one the same page. Now here is the thing about the faux vest: You can go with just a touch of faux-as in faux trim on the collar or “full out faux” whichever way you go here are a few tips to keep in mind…

  1. (When it comes to Shape)  Definitely keep your shape in mind when picking a silhouette out for your FF( faux fur) vest.
  2.  (When it comes to Color)) Always consider a complimentary color with your skin tone. Go for the hue that is best on you.
  3. ( When it comes to Flat or Fluffy Furs)  If you are a voluptuous woman opt for a FF that is flat. When in doubt a good option is to invest in a flat FF in black. Wearing all one color is the most slimming trick in the book.
  4. (When it comes to Price) The FF vest is definitely a trend, so try not to spend allot on this item unless you have GOBS of money and don’t know what to do with it all… (if this is the case leave your number in the comment section and I have a feeling there will be plenty of Glamour Girls ready to help you out of this terrible bind).

…and that my dalring Glamour Girl is the way to go for faux!


Damselle Faux Fur Vest- @ Nordstrom Orig. $98.00 on sale for $57.90

Juicy Couture Vest at Revolve $298.00

Faux Fur Vest from Victoria's Secret $79.00

Faux Fur Vest from Victoir's Secret $79.00

BB Dakota in Raven Grey available at Revolve $65.00
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