Jan 24, 2018

Faux to Go!

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I’m a HUGE lover of faux fur. Faux is so fun,looks fabulous and if you play your cards right looks just as good if not better than the really thing except nobody (and I do mean all animals) gets hurt which is the number 1 reason for going Faux in the first place.

If you happen to be a little bored with your “everyday winter coat” usually made from wool or cashmere   and are looking to jazz up the winter outwear section of your closet, how about going for a fun faux jacket or coat? Let’s face it after January the Winter does seem to linger and we have got to have something to keep the pep in our step during the cold and dreary months of February and March.

A good faux not only keeps you warm (faux fur is a very dense fabrication and insulates your body heat from escaping-hence keeping you warm ),but it comes in a bevy of style and color options. In addition, since we are heading into Spring in stores many faux coats are on SALE! Our favorite four letter word. Maybe it’s time for you to Go Faux.

Leith Fert Fect Jacket
Nordstrom $89.00

Faux Reversible by Via Spiga
Org. $180/Sale $119.90

Kendall & Kylie Curly Faux $475/Price Matched $297.00 Nordstrom

Now should you prefer just a touch of faux ..

Tweed Coat with Faux FUr Collar
Zara $199.00

Faux Fur Belted Topshop from Nordstrom $170.00

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Nov 18, 2011

Fun Fauxs for the Weekend….

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Michael Kors Chubby Faux Fur Jacket $175.00 

It’s getting cold outside. So.o.o.o. what better way to cuddle up and still look chic than a fashionable   faux fur. Here are two fabulous and affordable faux fur jackets or…if you want just  a hint of faux go for a perfect little purse. Have a great weekend..and stay warm!

Elie Tahari Faux Fur Mink Jacket $298.00 available at www.nordstrom.com 

Faux Fur Hanbags by BCBG available at www.victoria’secret.com


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Oct 3, 2011

Faux is the way to Go!

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I’m a big fan of faux. Truth be told I have owned a few of my favorite faux coats/jackets/and assorted sundry apparel items for longer than I care to admit. Not that I should be ashamed of holding on to my faux for so long. The beauty of faux is that it can last forever-(if you take care of it and buy a classic shape). When you wear faux fur you are also doing your part for saving animals and let’s face it, there is nothing worse than pissing off the peeps at PETA. I’m all for animal rights but some of those PETA people can be quite abrasive. Faux is so easy to care for and if you find yourself in a rainstorm by some unforeseen quirk of nature it bounces right back after drying. While real fur can keep you very very warm, faux fur gives you the option of wear ability both indoor and out during the cold weather months. When temps dip just add a few more layers of clothing underneath and still look sleek and sophisticated With all these wonderful wear ability options..I think you’ll agree that faux is the way to go!!!

Kenneth Cole New York Drape Front Faux Shearling $138.00

Victoria’s Secret Faux Fur Collar Pea Coat $148.00

Elie Tahari Faux Fur Mink Jacket $298.00

Michael Kors Faux Fur Chubby $175.00 P.S. I saw the EXACT same coat at Marshalls last week for...wait for it: $89.99) I'm just say'n...

Kristen Blake Hooded Faux Fur Vest $138.00 @ Nordstom

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Oct 28, 2009

Faux for You!

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Faux Fur so Fabulous you’ll fool everyone…

Available from Nordstrom.com  

Laundry by Shell Segal Faux Mink $278.00
Laundry by Shell Segal Faux Mink $278.00
Gryphon Rocker Beaded COllar Faux Fur Vest-$725.00 O.K. so a little pricey BUT it's beaded and it ROCKS!
Gryphon Rocker Beaded Collar Faux Fur Vest-$725.00 (O.K. so a little pricey BUT it’s beaded and it ROCKS)!
Lucky Brand Faux Fur Leapard Coat $199.00
Lucky Brand Faux Fur Leapard Coat $199.00
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Oct 6, 2009

The Fur is Flying!

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True to form-Coats are “In” for fall…and this is a news flash? With temperatures dipping into the single digits for the season ahead I would HOPE that women in cold climates would reach for a coat if not some substantial layering. With all those layers you might ask how one should dress so they don’t resemble a Macy’s Day Balloon. Here is a hint: buy natural fibers…cashmere, wool, mohair, and fur-but let’s hope  the fur is faux. Below you will see collections using real fur. However, many designers are using faux that looks so real you’ll have to put your PETA sign down to touch it and be convinced.

Bundle up Glamour Girls! Coat Season is here!

Dolce & Gabanna-set your dimmer switch on low!
Dolce & Gabanna-Brights for Fall!
Mathew Williamson Fur Coat
Mathew Williamson Fur Coat
Valentino-Fur TrIm

Valentino-Sparkle and Shine with Fur TrIm

ANdrew Fin-Hollywood Glamour

Andrew Fin-Hollywood Glamour

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