Feb 1, 2022

Hello February! Fun Facts & Special Dates

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Fun Facts and Dates 

  1. #FACT February is one of the most misspelled words in the English language. Yep, you read that right. February is one of the most misspelled words. What is the most misspelled word … well that honor goes to “Quarantine”. Most people thought it was spelled “Corn Teen”. Even the White House has misprinted the word “February” before in a press release.
  1. Thank you, Julius Caesar. February officially was added to the Roman Calendar in 713 BC. Julius Caesar remade the Roman Calendar and officially assigned the month 28 and 29 days.
  1. At one point it has only 23 days!  Can you image only 23 days to the month.
  1. February comes from the Latin word for “Februum”. Februum means purification and relates to a Roman Purification festival which was like an early Roman Spring Cleaning thing.
  1. No Full Moon: February is the only month where it is possible to go the entire time without having a full moon.
  1. Being Born on a Leap Year: Oh and if you are wondering there is about 1 in 1461 chance of being born on a leap year.
  1. Days in February…I had no idea some of these even existed.  I often wonder who actually comes up with these dedicated days of celebration? 

February 1 – National Dark Chocolate Day not to mention the start of Luna New Year! (FYI It’s the Year of the Water Tiger)

February 2 – National Groundhog Day

February 3 – National Carrot Cake Day

February 4 – National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

February 6 – National Chopstick Day

February 7 – National Send a Card to a Friend Day

February 8 – National Kite Flying Day (Perhaps May would be a better month to celebrate?) Just say’n.

February 9 – National Pizza Day

February 10 – National Umbrella Day

February 11 – National Inventors’ Day

February 14 – Valentines Day

February 15 – Singles Awareness Day

February 16 – National Almond Day

February 17 – National Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 20 – National Love Your Pet Day

February 22 – National California Day

February 23 – National Banana Bread Day (Recipes will be forthcoming)!

February 26 – National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

February 27 – National Reto Day

February 28  – National Floral Design Day


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