Jun 8, 2010

Fancy Flip Flops!

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The flip flop seems to appear at every occasion during summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beach (where it would be most appropriate) or  a formal black tie affair; the flip flop has endured not only the test of time but a test of taste. While I have been known on occasion to really give the flip flop a bad rap, I will admit I may be softening on the subject just a tad. I still don’t think any Glamour Girl that wants to look her best would or should choose the flip flop for a dressy or business affair…BUT, I will admit that for the beach, yoga, or assorted sundry summer errands I have finally acquiesced and accepted the flip flop as footwear attire. It was  brought to my attention as of late that this lovely woman named Lindsay Phillips has taken the ordinary flip flop to all new heights of fashion. Seems that Ms. Phillips has dressed up the flip flop with a wide assortment of interchangeable snaps and introduced an innovative dressy alternative called Switch flops-where one can choose from an assortment of different straps that Velcro on and change the look of your sandal/flip flop in seconds. I applaud Ms. Phillips for having the design sense and desire to dress this flip flop up. Check out lindsayphillips.com for more Switch flops and snaps. Her collection will make you flip!


Switchflops (interchangable straps) Lindsay Phillips.com

Flip Flops with an assortment of snaps to choose from available at LindsayPhillips.com

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Apr 20, 2009


Posted By: Terri
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Today its 100 degrees outside in Los Angeles and that is the signal for two things:

·        The impending arrival of Summer

·        Flip Flops.

Now I  know I am going to irritate a whole lot of you when I say that I personally am NOT a fan of the Flip-Flop, First of all this is a flat shoe-if even a shoe at all.  A flat shoe in my book means shorter looking legs and unless you’re Gisele Bundchen, we all want longer legs –Right?  There is not a whole lot of shoe craftsmanship/construction, translation foot support to the Flip Flop- it’s kind of like a flat piece of rubber with a toe spike to keep your foot from falling out of it. Who invented this concoction? My guess is a four year old with a bad attitude, one too many pieces of play dough, some rubber cement and a bad case of  toe jam! The Flip Flop has you walking so low to the ground, you’re at the whim of small pieces of debris everywhere-including rocks, dirt, animal droppings and uneven cement cracks. In short you can ruin a perfectly good pedicure in minutes.

Please understand as an advocate of style, taste and fashionable foot coverage I think it best to establish a few simple guidelines for the warmer months ahead.  

The FFG- (Flip Flop Guidelines)

1. Flip Flops should only be worn:

·        At the pool,

·        On the beach,

·        To and from Yoga, (where you kick off your shoes before class and if they get stolen- you only have to go to the .99 Cent Store for replacements.

·        Any outdoor party where cargo pants would be considered “Formal attire.”

2. Never, ever under any circumstances should Flip Flops be worn to work unless you’re working for Pamela Anderson and then all wardrobe rules are  out the window, as is your wardrobe- because Pam, wears so very little.

3.  You have bunions bigger than the country of Brazil and can’t get to the podiatrist until July.

Listen, I am not here to be a footwear snob I just know there are so many more flattering summer shoe options for you.

Lastly-remember the second word in Flip-Flop is FLOP and you never want to be one of those.

Nuff said!

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