Apr 9, 2020

Let’s talk Pretty Petals

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Passover & Easter  are basically cancelled this year due to the continuing quarantine. We’re unable to gather in our collective congregations and celebrate these spiritual milestones.

Sooo,what can we do to bring some sort of significance to the holiday at hand?

The answer may be as simple as  setting a beautiful bouquet of flowers  on your table in pretty pastels and gathering our quarantined family together. Flowers can be found at your local grocery store at very affordable prices.  Basically- a doable and easy way to bring some PRETTY into your day. Then you just gather the family together-(which will be a total snap- because we are quarantined) and take a moment of prayer and gratitude together… surrounded with the smell of fragrant flowers.

Peaceful… Prayerful and Pretty.

Here are a few centerpieces that I hope will inspire you to go out and purchase some pretty petals for your family to enjoy.

Be well, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Passover & Happy Easter to all my lovely readers.

I am grateful for you and wish you a beautiful celebration together.



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Mar 19, 2020

Fashionable Flowers to Celebrate the First Day of Spring!

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Dior Show 2012

Raf Simons first collection for Dior Fall Winter *Garden Couture.



How are we all doing today? Are you sticking to a routine? Getting some fresh air? Finding things to do that bring a bit of joy to your life? I hope so.

I’m well aware that this  whole business of self quarantine, social distancing and 24/7  news reporting on the corona virus is NOT helping anyone lift their spirits.In fact, I find that ALL of the above – do the exact opposite. After listening to  the endless reporting on all news  sources concerning the Corona Virus,  I have decided to take a complete day away from any sort of news. Period..

That being said,I would like to  wish you a Happy FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

What better way to start the day than with some pretty petals styled so fashionably.

From me to you… I hope  and pray that you are having a beauuutiful day and take a moment to smell the roses( or petals of any sort-tulips, orchids, daffodils-I think you get the picture-breath in some beauty) … I encourage to get out of the house(if only for a moment)  and have a change of scenery to breath in some pretty greenery. …

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Jan 22, 2020

3 pick me Ups & a Motivational Memo…

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Were you aware that this past Monday was deemed Blue Monday?  Who knew???? I had no idea. Supposedly, the 3rd Monday of the New Year is the saddest day of the year (deemed Blue Monday) apparently due to these three factors sussed out by “the Experts”  1. the holidays are over, 2. the weather is brutal (read into that cold and dreary) 3. Anddd holiday debt is creeping in on your credit card statements.
In an effort to lighten your week and put some “Spring” into your step I have come up with three easy peasy and low cost “pick me ups” that I hope will brighten your day and beautify your surroundings.
As an extra bonus I’ve also included my mid- week moment of motivation just to top things off.
I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday and that you totally dodged the dreaded Blue Monday.
Happy Wednesday!

  1.  Bring that Sterling OUT of  Storage & Display away! Unpack all those stored pieces of sterling and use them in creative ways around your home.

2.Buy a Bouquet Today... Flowers are always a good idea. You can pick up a bunch of your favorite  flowers at any grocery store and display them in any room of your home. So pretty and affordable.

3. Pretty up your Pantry.  I  recently organized and updated the pantries below for clients. Containers were purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond and (wait for it … The 99 cent store). I then found fun labels at my local craft store and Whah- lah-instant and might I add well organized pretty pantry.

and a little mid week memo of motivation…

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Jul 2, 2019

Tuesday’s Tip

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Tuesday’s tip: Prolonging the life of pretty petals is easy when you remember the four P’s!

A pinch of sugar and a penny help keep your petals perfect.

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Jun 19, 2018

Tuesday’s Tip

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May 31, 2013

The Weekend…

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Buy yourself or someone you love some pretty petals.

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May 6, 2010

Mother’s Day Gifts.

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Mother’s Day is  fast approaching. I am here to remind all you beautiful Glamour Girls to get something Glamorous and NON-Domestic for your mother.

 I remember growing up in a small town and going to Sears with my Dad and siblings to purchase Mom a gift. Sears was the ONLY Department Store in town-needless to say we had a limited selection. My sweet Father would give each of us children a certain amount of money to purchase something for Mom. My sister’s and brother were in the housewares aisle looking at napkin rings, and salt and pepper shakers. How Utilitarian!!! I thought-and I was FIVE!! Even then I knew Mom deserved something just for her. SO off I went into the accessories department where I found a pretty paisley silk scarf and a pair of “dangly” rhinestone earrings. From that day forward I have always bought my Mother something special -just for her…not for the house, or the dog, or the garage-BUT HER and ONLY HER!

SO in these last few days to shop before Mother’s Day- I urge you to purchase something for Mom that has a bit of Glamour. It doesn’t need to be expensive-just something that will make her feel special…. 

*Chanel Nail polish (Major Department stores), Isacc Mizrahi Dress (elle.com), Flowers-(Can be hand picked or purchased at a reputable Florist) and Vintage mirrors (tag sales or thrift shops)….



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