Nov 4, 2010

Freebie Friday!

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Listen Up Glamour Girls. 

This Friday November 5, 2010-immediately upon waking and before you hit the START button on your coffee maker…STOP and go directly to your computer and login to Now I know there better be a very good reason to forgo the morning Cup of Joe before hitting the computer keyboard. Rest assured there is. Gap is giving away 10,000 pair of jeans to the first 10,000 people that “check in” on the Facebook places page. You are then asked to shuffle down to your nearest Gap store and show the clerk your check in receipt. Upon doing so, the salesperson  will hand you a coupon good for a free pair of 5 pocket jeans. This is only good in the US of A and only redeemable on November 5, 2010 from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. If you are running late and miss  being one of the first 10,000 -the worst thing that will happen is: You get a coupon good  for 40% off any regular priced item in the store for the day. Sort of a win…win situation!

So let’s review: Friday morning:

Get up.

Get clicking. (On your computer to “check in”

Get Going. (To your nearest Gap store)

Get Gap: (A free pair of jeans for the first 10,000 check ins)

Gap Ad featuring Mila Kunis
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